Why Lotteries Allow People to Watch Live Lottery Draw Results

Do you ever wonder why lotteries allow people to watch live lottery draw results? Is it because it’s really cool to watch those numbered balls drop down from the machine? Is that it? Is it for the entertainment value? That might be partly the reason for live lottery drawings, but not the main reason. The main reason is for the integrity of the game. And, integrity builds trust. Without trust in the system, nobody would play.

Let me give you an example. Say you were 토토사이트 in a far-off foreign country. You notice that they have a lottery. You know nothing about that lottery. You’d probably ask yourself questions. Who oversees the lottery? Is it trustworthy? Can people watch the lottery draw results live? Is there a possibility that the lottery is fixed? Too many questions and you probably wouldn’t have them answered. So you, most likely, would not play.

You wouldn’t a lottery that you know nothing about because you don’t trust it. That’s the main issue – trust. Without trust, lotteries would die out. And, that’s the reason for live lottery draws – They build trust and integrity into the game.

Think of it in another way. Say you bought tickets for a raffle. You would have no problem if the raffle tickets were placed into a big bin, mixed around, and then chosen at random in front of you and an audience. But what if, after you bought your tickets, the raffle organizers said that they would now go into a closed-off room to pick the winning raffle tickets? No witnesses. That would seem like a scam and it probably would be.