What Is Laser Engraving?

A laser, an acronym for Light Amplification through Stimulated Emission radiation, can be described as a precisely concentrated controlled beam of single-color light that can be utilized to color the surface of a piece of equipment or to evaporate material using laser ablation in order to create deep engraving. The parameters of the laser and its position are precisely controlled in order to create high-contrast marks in the form of barcodes such as data matrix codes and logo graphics. If a surface has been coated or anodized, then the laser is able to remove the surface in order to provide the appearance of a contrast. By selecting a different transparent color graphic could be backlit to ensure both day and night readability, such as on the dashboards of cars and airplane cockpit controls.

What kinds of materials are suitable for marking?

The majority of metals (both valuable and not) Most glass, plastics, and many ceramics can be marked cut.


The demand for personalized products of jewellery has increased the number of jewelers who are taking note of the advantages of lasers and their ability to create engraving.

With the help of a laser, engraving tasks like texturing, inscriptions or etching are possible by using a more precise control system and flexibility in design , and amazing results can be obtained with a minimum of education. The first laser engraving machines were exorbitantly expensive and were beyond the budget of the independent jeweler to think about purchasing. Technology advancements and a decrease in cost have made the process much less expensive, allowing jewelers to offer this service in-house for customers who use desktop laser marking machine.

Laser engraving machine makers have created a special equipment for use in jewelery. They have developed attachments that are able to engrave the inside of rings as well as its outside . They have also developed machines that are able to engraving watch backs, locks and the inside of Bangles. A surface that is curly isn’t an obstacle to cutting-edge laser machine.

A large number of components manufactured require branding or marking using serial numbers products codes, barcodes and data matrix serial numbers, logos and codes for products. EU conforming components require CE markings and many parts require traceability. Laser marking of information like this provides a non-damaging durable, and beautiful solution.The parts can be marked directly and this is a great option when labels are not required. The majority of industries are already benefiting from the technology of lasers. A quick look around the room is likely to reveal items that have been marked with laser.