What Ice Shape Would You Like?

If you’re thinking about acquiring an ice machine, you probably own a restaurant or other eating establishment and want to give your clients’ drinks more choice. Before buying a machine, you would need to choose the type of ice you want because it comes in many different shapes and forms.

There are therefore three primary categories of ice:

Ice cubes

The most typical kind of ice is this. This is common in restaurants, and I do, in fact, have cube ice at home. Therefore, this isn’t really noteworthy in terms of design, but did you know that ice cubes come in a variety of shapes? Full cubes, half cubes, gourmet, contoured, and of course the traditional rectangular shape are all available in cube ice. The people like ice in sphere shape more than any other shape. For this purpose, your choice should be ball ice maker. Cube ice is beneficial since it does not melt quickly and fills a glass better. This results in some savings because you do not need as much liquid to fill the glass, and customers will receive a colder beverage. If you serve a lot of mixed drinks or fizzy beverages, or if you sell ice cubes, use them.

Savory cube

Gourmet cubes frequently resemble little shot glasses or top hats in design. These are useful for filling glasses and prevent clumping because of their size in addition to looking excellent. Additionally, these ices do not melt quickly, and you may scoop them up with ease. Given their attractive appearance and sophistication, this kind of ice is ideal for gourmet and mixed beverages. If you want to utilize it at bars, event services, upmarket restaurants, and waitress stations, you can choose these gourmet cubes.

Shape cube

Ice in the shape of a pillow called a contour cube is best used in food service applications. They are hard, patented, and as transparent as crystal. Splashing is avoided by the distinctive form since liquid flows quickly and smoothly over the shape. Ice displays, mixed drinks, salad bars, carbonated drinks, ice retailing, and ice dispensing are the best uses for this kind of ice. You may choose the sort of ice machine that you need for your business once you are aware of the benefits and applications of each type of ice. Always keep your customers in mind while making decisions; consider what they want and anticipate. Consider the image you want to project for your restaurant as well.