SAP Variant Configuration Concepts

Organizations sell items in 2 techniques. In the principal technique, organization makes merchandise and offers products to clients. In this situation, client doesn’t have a decision to choose the choices he wants. In the subsequent strategy, client picks the choices expected for him, and company makes the merchandise in view of the client necessities. Cost of the item is resolved in light of the choices picked by the client.

Ex: Dell gathers/fabricates the PC after client designs the choices he really wants. Cost is resolved in light of the choices the client has picked.

For a variation setup empowered material, SAP gives a spring up screen in the deals request (VA01). On this spring up screen, the client can pick the choices he wants. When the choices are chosen, in light of the cost related with every part, absolute cost of the not set in stone. Coming up next are the significant components present in the design of the variation setup.

Design Profile
Material Master Setup
Qualities: Characteristic characterizes the Custom made software developers choice. Ex: Size of the Hard circle. Trademark can contain a rundown of permitted values or client can enter any worth. A trademark can be made in CT04 exchange or follow the way underneath.

Cross Application Components – Classification System – Master Data – Characteristics

Class: Class bunches every one of the qualities expected to design a material. Ex: Hard plate size, memory size, processor type…etc. For variation arrangement, class type 300 should be utilized. Kindly use CL02 exchange code or the accompanying way.

Cross Application Components – Classification System – Master information – Class

Design Profile: This connections the material expert and class. BOM (Bill of material blast) in the business request can likewise constrained by the choices present in the setup profile. Various setup profiles can be available for a material. At the hour of deals request creation, framework shows the accessible arrangement profiles and client can pick one, in view of his requirements. Setup profile can be made in CU41 or follow the underneath way.

Coordinated factors – Central capabilities – Variant Configuration – Configuration Profiles – Create

Material Master Setup: To empower variation design for a material, if it’s not too much trouble, check “Material is configurable” really take a look at confine the fundamental information 2 screen. Kindly use MM02 exchange to do this.