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The increasingly popular whitening manga writer is none other than the legendary Kubo Tite. Bleach Manga has continued serial in Weekly Shmnen Jump since August 2001. has sold more than 50 million copies in Japan and reached the top of the manga sales chart in the United States. Why is the bleach manga become successful and what the key leads so many people of all ages to be so interested in this extraordinary manga? This article will move to this area and define the success of bleach manga.

The interesting part about bleach manga is a big character cast. From the Soul Society captain, Espada enemies at this time to the upcoming Vizard ranks. On top of his cast, every character also has a unique weapon for the owner. The bleach manga story is currently running back into the past where the story revolves around the vizards. The Vizards, which were previously known as a group of unknown characters who had the ability of Shinigami and Hollow, were now briefly introduced with whom they actually and how they turned away from the leader of the soul community to Karakura City roaming the city of Karakura. โดจิน The fact is that the vizard is actually the captain and the soul community, however, evil experiments by Aizen have caused them hollowfied.

Apart from the Vizards, this story also revealed the past Urahara Kissuke, the former Captain of the 12th Division of Soul Socity. This character was introduced at the beginning of the manga and was one of the main character bleach. He is not just a mentor of the main advantage, Ichigo, but also a generous of the Vizards. It meets a lot of curious readers about who is actually Urahara Kisuke, a mysterious shop owner in bleach.

The reader has seen Ichigo and his team against all the captains in the Soul Society in the past, however, now readers can witness how captains fight the enemy Hueco Mundo at this time, the ranks of the Espada. This story is very interesting with both soldiers fighting with each other at different goals. With so many actions and excitement, there is no reason to miss this big manga!

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