Caring and Maintaining Your Wooden Garden Furniture

Caring in your fixtures

Here is a grade by grade manual to oiling your timber lawn furniture, such as what you want, and the steps to take.

First of all, to care for your hardwood garden fixtures, you’ll need:

1 Bottle of teak oil
2 Clean cloths
1 Plastic spray bottle
1 Bowl of warp soapy water
Now this maintenance need to be accomplished every 3-6 weeks, so make sure to put in writing it into your diary! However, in case you just need to top it up, see commands under the primary little by little.

Clean your furniture – First of all, use one of the cloths and the soapy water, to wipe any dirt and dust of your furniture, ensuring it’s truely easy and stain unfastened. Allow to dry for two-4 hours.
Spray your oil – Next you need to fill the spray bottle with teak oil, and use it generously throughout your fixtures, ensuring you cowl the complete floor, do not maintain back!
Wipe the oil in – Now you should use your other clean fabric to wipe the oil into the wood. Make sure you get it into all the joints and small spaces, as this will save you any moisture seeping into the timber, and warping the joints.
Leave to dry – And now all you need to do is depart  it to dry naturally! This can take up to 3 days, relying at the temperature.
Useful Tips to Remember About Hardwood Furniture

As a top-up, you could gently spray your furniture with teak oil every 1-2 weeks if you have not had time to do the entire clean.
Always teak oil in a well ventilated place, as the vapours  may be poisonous.
Cleaning the furniture first is crucial, because first-rate sideboards
bits of dust can scratch the surface of the wooden.
Make positive to scrub/keep accurately dirty oil rags, as the can capture hearth very without problems.
FAQ from our Garden Centre

Can I simply leave my wood fixtures outside, and not teak oil it?

You can try this, but it isn’t recommended. The fixtures will begin to discolour, and could sooner or later move a silvery gray, this is regularly not as appealing. Also you run the hazard of water seeping into the joints and warping them.

What is the first-rate cover for my set, as I do no longer have the room to shop it interior?

It is fine to apply a cover this is made from a excessive best material material, with a waterproof rubber lining under. This ensures that water will not get into your furniture, and it’s miles strong enough so it will no longer smash down in the daylight.

How lengthy does the teak oil take to dry?

This in reality relies upon on how warm it’s miles, in the summer season it is able to take as low as four hours, but when cold, it is excellent to go away it at the least 24 hours. And obviously if it rains, it could take a touch bit longer.

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