An Overview on Saint Hubert Medals

For many people, when they hear the word ‘medals’ they only think of the sports medals that are presented in the most prestigious sporting events. While medals are commonly utilized in the sporting world, they are also used in a wide number of other fields. Many schools may use cheap medals made of plastic for school competitions because children will not have to be so careful with them.

Militaries also frequently utilize appreciation St. Hubert Medallion medals and trophies. After all, the military is in not just an occupation; it is a way of life for many soldiers. If a soldier has distinguished themselves, then they may receive a medal.

When it comes to the designs of military Saint Hubert  medals, there are a number of unique designs for each country. Each country has their own unique medals. The designs are usually representative of the native culture. The designs may borrow from religious or mythological symbols, replete with tales of bravery and heroism. These stories are linked with the feats of the soldier who receives the award. The awards are created to commemorate the soldier’s acts of bravery and honor.

One of the most common and universal designs on many military medals is that of the cross. The cross can be seen on the military medals of many different countries. These include the following countries and their respective medals:

• Denmark – The Valor Cross
• Estonia – The Cross of Liberty
• Germany – The Bundeswehr Cross of Honor for Valor
• Norway – The War Cross with Sword
• United Kingdom – The Victoria Cross

There are a number of medals across many different countries; many have adopted the cross. Some of the other more common designs include shields, or a design of four stars.

The cross has been adapted to medals Saint Hubert because of its ties with Christianity. As such, the cross is seen on medals in countries that have a predominant Christian population. However, there are also a number of predominantly Christian countries that have adopted other symbols for their military medals, such as the United States, Luxembourg, Italy and France.

Frequently, military medals are made from precious metals such as gold, silver, bronze and brass. Sometimes, when the medals need to be red, different alloys are used to achieve the correct tone and texture.
Most military medals are presented during official ceremonies. In many countries, military medals are presented for special occasions, or on occasions where there are celebrations for the military, or a specific unit. For example, the French Foreign Legion celebrates the Battle of Camarón on July 14th every year, on France’s National Day.